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Universal Background Checks and Dangerousness: Stigmitization, Racial Discrimination, and Gender Discrimination

Join Bilal Butt and staff at Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes this summer!  $1995 Resident, $495 Commuter Highlights *If universal background checks (UBCS) are going to reduce gun/firearm deaths, more individuals who are likely to use these firearms to either kill themselves or other individuals need to be integrated into the UBC database *Determining who should be included is problematic because psychiatrists can’t accurately determine who is likely to be


Dr. John Mearshimer Engages Debaters

Distinguished University Service Professor, Dr. John Mearshimer, one of most noted political scientists in the world, took debaters’ questions on the September-October missile defense topic. A highlight: The US simply cannot reduce its presence in Northeast Asia, because they are needed there to contain China. In fact, the US is likely to increase its force levels in East Asia over time. This is what the pivot to Asia is all


Our Favorite Korea Cards

All September-October Cards (Subscription Required).  300+ Free July-August Cards (Requires Registration)  All Korea Resources THAAD critical US support for Korea, to deter Russian and China adventurism, and to project US power in East Asia, deter North Korean aggression, and strengthen US diplomacy US News & World Report, 9-20-17, South Korea to miss out on Chinese tourists’ big Golden Week spending as political tensions linger, National security news is dominated by


Why Missile Defense Fails

Despite the hype around missile defense, particularly THAAD, it has a number very significant limitations that you should be prepared to point out in your debates. First, despite 100% intercept rates in test conditions when one missile was fired at it, it won’t be able to work in war time conditions, especially when faced with more than one missile. Ankit Panda, 8-29-17, Can Ballistic Missile Defense Shield Guam from North


The Korea Crisis: Why China is Not the Answer

Trump has placed a lot of hope on China to take action to resolve the problem of North Korean nuclearization and missile testing. Since 90% of North Korea’s trade with China, this is, in some ways, a reasonable expectation, but at the same time, it is not likely to succeed for a number of reasons – China’s Influence is limited, China fears the collapse of the regime, and if China

Why the Multilayered Missile Defense argument is baloney

There is some evidence that many teams read that claims that THAAD will provide “multilayered defense” for South Korea. It sounds quite persuasive when it is read, but it is really a terrible argument. Before we attack it, however, let’s look at the basis of the claim. The basis of the claim is that different types of missile defense systems are designed to intercept missiles at different stage – Boost


September-October PF Questions

Some questions to get you thinking about cross-fire. Questions for the Pro (as applicable to arguments they made) (1) You said THAAD creates a “multilayered defense….” What layer of defense does it add to Seoul, considering that ½ the population of South Korea lives there and that it provides no protection against any ballistic missiles targeted there or against the 20,000 pieces of artillery the North has targeted on Seoul.?


What North Korea’s Launch of Ballistic Missiles Near and Over Japan Means for the South Korea Missile Defense Topic

ALL PF Resources On August 28th, North Korea fired a missile over Japan’s territory. William Mallard & Jack Kim, Reuters, North Korea’s “reckless” missile launch over Japan sharply escalates tension, North Korea fired a ballistic missile over Japan’s northern Hokkaido island into the sea early on Tuesday, prompting warnings to residents to take cover and drawing a sharp reaction from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The test, one of