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Charter Schools NSDA PF Debate Topic Video


Resolved: On balance, charter schools are beneficial to the quality of education in the United States (Bibliography)

Background  What are charter schools? (2018). This article explains the basics of charter schools and reviews all of the main pro and con studies. Everything you need to know about charter schools (2014) Just what is a charter school, anyway? (2017) The Debate The battle over charter schools (2017). This article discusses some of the pros and cons of charger schools. If there is any conclusion, it is probably that the


Offshore Balancing Daily Update

See also: Gulf Presence Update US pressure on Iran has failed to control proliferation and has accelerated it Colum Lynch, May 8. 2020,, Despite U.S. Sanctions, Iran Expands Its Nuclear Stockpile,  Two years after President Donald Trump announced the U.S withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, Tehran has resumed its enrichment of uranium, restarted research and development on advanced centrifuges, and expanded its stockpile of nuclear fuel, cutting


Gulf Presence Updates

Our Daily Updates are free to all registered users until June 20th.    Offshore Balancing/General Hegemony Updates Ceasefire in Yemen Middle East Monitor, April 15, 2020,, UN Yemen envoy expects warring parties to agree truce in ‘immediate future’ United Nations Yemen envoy Martin Griffiths said on Thursday he expects the warring parties to formally adopt “in the immediate future” agreements on a nationwide ceasefire, key economic and humanitarian measures

Nuclear Power Daily Update

March 19 Solar and wind energy pollute more, are less efficient, and can’t produce energy as long as nuclear power Melinda Burns, 3-18-2020, “The Nuclear Choice,” Santa Barbara Independent, A lot of misinformation about our sources of electrical energy has been circulating, claiming nuclear plant construction and maintenance produce lots of CO2. That’s true to some degree, but let’s put that in perspective. Solar and wind produce two to


UBI Daily Update

February 26th cards Proposed budgets by the GOP have massive cuts for welfare and Medicare programs Conversation, 2-24-2020, “Trump Budget: What It Says About His Administration’s Health Priorities,” Heavy, The Trump administration recently released its budget blueprint for the 2021 fiscal year, the first steps in the complex budgetary process. The final budget will reflect the input of Congress, including the Democratic House of Representatives, and will look significantly


Resolved: The United States should replace means-tested welfare programs with a universal basic income (bibliography)

Amisha’s Reading List Amisha’s reading list consists of critical articles on the topic. If you do not read any other articles, read these! UBI: Purpose, Pros and Cons (2019) This article pretty thorough reviews the basic pros and cons of a UBI as well as the different proposals Pro Why welfare doesn’t work and what should we do instead (2018). This article argues welfare doesn’t work and that its conditions


Venezuela Daily Update

Bibliography .  Venezuela Argument List Many reasons Maduro won’t be overthrown. Sanctions won’t cause him to be toppled Tom Wood, January 23, 2020,, A year on, Juan Guaidó’s attempt at regime change in Venezuela has stalled Why did predictions of Maduro’s imminent departure prove so ill-founded? The mismatch was partly the product of wishful thinking on the part of international establishment opinion. There has been a through-the-looking-glass aspect to