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Rebuttals — Lesson Plan

Rebuttals Chapter

Introduction The second speech that each team delivers in a Public Forum debate is the Rebuttal, which is how the one side refutes the other side’s Constructive. For new debaters, this is often the most difficult speech, as they need to be able to come up with arguments to what the other side says. Constructive speeches are written out, and later speeches (Summary, Final Focus) use content from early speeches,

Rebuttals — Review Questions

Review Questions What is an add-on? What is an example of an add-on? What is a double-turn? What is an example of a double turn? What is the difference between a link and and impact? What do you want to do in the second rebuttal that you don’t do in the first rebuttal? What are the strategic advantages of doing the second rebuttal?  

Rebuttals — Exercise # 2 Teacher Answers

Teacher Answers — Exercise #2 Provide an example of each from the school uniforms debate. Answers may vary but should fit in the pattern. Link: School uniforms increase academic achievement, school uniforms reduce discipline trouble No link:  School uniforms do not increase academic achievement, school uniforms do not reduce discipline trouble Link turn: school uniforms reduce academic achievement, school uniforms increase discipline problems Internal link: improved academic achievement improves college