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Social Media and Democracy Lecture


Democratic Values Defined

One thing I thought of is that “democratic values” is not the same thing as “democracy.” For example, the values of debate include critical thinking, free speech, academic achievement. If I say, does social media promote, “debate’s values,” that does not mean it promotes debate (or should or shouldn’t promote debate); it just means we’d examine if social media promotes critical thinking, education, etc., not whether or not it promotes


Resolved: In the United States, social media is beneficial for democratic values (Bibliography and evidence)

Video Debates Social Media Can Strengthen Democracy General Social Media and Democracy (2020). This is a book that contains arguments on both sides of the debate but it is largely Con. What effect does social media on democracy? (2018). This article from the Project Manager for Civic Engagement at Facebook identifies the threats to a strong public sphere on Facebook and identifies some of the efforts Facebook is trying to