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North Korea is a rapidly growing threat in the region Sankaran & Fearey, 2017 [Jaganath, Center for International and Security Studies at The University of Maryland, & Bryan L., National Security Office, Los Alamos National Laboratories, “Missile defense and strategic stability: Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) in South Korea”, Contemporary Security Policy,, BJM] On the other hand, the scale of the threat posed by North Korea has increased.


Congratulations to Millennial Speech and Debate Institute Instructor Bilal Butt’s Ardrey Kell for Closing Out Yale!

Congratulations to Millennial Speech and Debate Institute instructor Bilal Butt for coaching his school, Ardrey Kell, to close out the finals of the Yale tournament. This follows their finals finish at the Wake tournament! Congratulations are also due to Poly Prep’s Ellen Gaffney & Julia Menziuso, students at Millennial Boston, for advancing to the round of 64 in a field of 241 teams. Register for Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes today