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3 – Rebuttals in Public Forum Debate

3 – Rebuttals in Public Forum Debate

Introduction The second speech that each team delivers in a Public Forum debate is the Rebuttal, which is how the one side refutes the other side’s Constructive. For new debaters, this is often the most difficult speech, as they need to be able to come up with arguments to what they other side says. Constructive speeches are written out, and later speeches (Summary, Final Focus) use content from early speeches,

2 — The Format of Public Forum Debate

퍼블릭포럼 디베이트의 형식 The format of a Public Forum debate is relatively simple. Two debaters compete against two debaters to determine the resolution. The topic the students will debate about is chosen in advance, either by the tournament by a regional or national debate association. In the United States, the Public Forum debate topics are chosen each month by the National Speech and Debate Association. Unlike other debate formats, the

1- Introduction to Debate

Most simplistically, debate is an exchange of arguments. An argument consists of a claim being made by the arguer and a warrant – a reason that the argument is true. People can really argue about anything. For example, two people could argue over where they should eat, whether or not fast food causes obesity, or if humans are substantially responsible for changes in the Earth’s average temperature. Regardless of what