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(PRO): Human Rights Answers

(PRO): Human Rights Answers

No internal link evidence – Even if Europe joining would reduce human rights pressure, there is no evidence that human rights pressure will work Non-unique: China is violating human rights now despite the EU not joining. European Commission and HR/VP contribution to the European Council, March 9, 2019, EU-China: A Strategic Outlook The ability of EU and China to engage effectively on human rights will be an important measure

(Con) A2: BRI Key to China Steel Exports

Turn – Ore prices (a) Lower China steel demand lowers ore prices Hoyle, 9-3, 19,, Wall Street Journal, Chinese Steel Slowdown Slams Iron-Ore Prices Iron-ore prices posted their biggest one-month fall in almost eight years as China’s huge steel engine cools and global shipments of the commodity rise. (b) Lower ore prices boost the US steel industry Hoyle, 9-3, 19,, Wall Street Journal, Chinese Steel Slowdown Slams Iron-Ore


610 Page BRI Release (Click to View Table of Contents)

Table of Contents Download our 610 Page BRI Release.  This includes 610 pages of ready to go blocks, with evidence updated through September 1st. It is include with Public Forum ($99 for the year) and Master ($239 for the year) subscriptions. Subscribers also have access to — *An app that makes monitoring daily updates and e-courses easy. *An app that makes it easy for you to read through posts, course materials, files,


EU responds to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (July 25)

THE European Union (EU) is already an enormous investor in Asia and the largest, in fact, in Asean. What are its plans to respond to China’s Belt and Road Initiative? In 2013, China showcased its ambitious objective to shape the international politico-economic architecture: the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). The biggest economic, connectivity, and strategic plan launched by an Asian power, BRI has drawn both curiosity and apprehension among some

(Pro): BRI Renewables Good Scenario

Belt and Road will be green, and that is critical to avoid climate change Ma Jun, Chairman, Green Finance Committee of China Society for Finance and Banking, July 2, 2019, Climate change is the battle of the century. According to a 2018 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change special report, the global temperature rise will likely 1.5°C as early as 2030. We may only have 12 years to act decisively


(Con): EU-US Relations Good Contention

All PF Resources *Uniqueness Western European countries are not participating in the BRI now. It’s just Italy and Eastern European countries Ivan Dikov, March 24, 2019,, Commissioner Proposes EU Veto Power on Chinese Infrastructure Investments after Italy’s BRI Deal On Saturday, Italy became the first G-7 member and EU heavyweight to become part of the signature foreign policy initiative of Chinese President Xi Jinping, also known as the New