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(Pro): Climate Change Answers

(Pro): Climate Change Answers

Their argument is morally reprehensible.  The Con has no alternative to development led by China and the BRI, so their argument is literally that people in the developing world should stay poor and suffer an early death in order to avoid a marginal increase in coal consumption relative to the developed world where wealthy people live in air conditioned spaces and jet set around the world.  There is a moral

(Pro) A2: Europe Joining Reduces China’s Investment in Africa

Africa doesn’t need China’s investment, it has Europe’s investment Garcia Herald, 7-22, 19,, What the data really says, and the implications for Europe That said, China’s investment in Africa is still at the early stages compared with that of key European countries that have a colonial past in Africa, especially France and the UK. Chart 4 shows that the FDI stocks sourced respectively from the UK and France into

The European Union BRI Argument Outline (8-2-19)

Argument List  Introduction Daily Update     Key Cards Reasons EU Action is Critical *Arguments Pro Arguments Helps Europe Helps Europe’s economy generally (a) Joining BRI will increase Europe’s exports to China, reducing Europe’s trade deficit with China (b) Stronger trade infrastructure in Europe will increase trade within Europe (c) If Europe joins as a bloc, there will be more unity in Europe and trade within Europe.  Current agreements cause conflict


The European Union should join China’s Belt and Road Initiative

EU Key Argument Outline .   Bibliography   Key Evidence   Daily Update Related: China Threat Bibliography,  China Daily Update *Background   There is another cool video of it on this page. Where the BRI goes Theodore Pelagidis, April 15, 2019, China’s Back Door to Europe, BRI represents, in fact, three roads with vital subroutes (Figure 1). The first is over land and revives the ancient Silk Road from China’s Sinai to Rome.