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(Pro): Climate Change Answers

The European Union BRI Argument Outline (8-2-19)

Argument List¬† Introduction Daily Update¬† ¬† ¬†Key Cards Reasons EU Action is Critical *Arguments Pro Arguments Helps Europe Helps Europe‚Äôs economy generally (a) Joining BRI will increase Europe’s exports to China, reducing Europe’s trade deficit with China (b) Stronger trade infrastructure in Europe will increase trade within Europe (c) If Europe joins as a bloc, there will be more unity in Europe and trade within Europe.¬† Current agreements cause conflict


The European Union should join China’s Belt and Road Initiative

EU Key Argument Outline .¬† ¬†Bibliography¬† ¬†Key Evidence¬† ¬†Daily Update Related:¬†China Threat Bibliography,¬† China Daily Update *Background   There is another cool video of it on this page. Where the BRI goes Theodore Pelagidis, April 15, 2019, China‚Äôs Back Door to Europe, BRI represents, in fact, three roads with vital subroutes (Figure 1). The first is over land and revives the ancient Silk Road from China‚Äôs Sinai to Rome.