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Charter Schools NSDA PF Debate Topic Video


Resolved: On balance, charter schools are beneficial to the quality of education in the United States (Bibliography)

Background  What are charter schools? (2018). This article explains the basics of charter schools and reviews all of the main pro and con studies. Everything you need to know about charter schools (2014) Just what is a charter school, anyway? (2017) The Debate The battle over charter schools (2017). This article discusses some of the pros and cons of charger schools. If there is any conclusion, it is probably that the


Resolved: The benefits of the United States federal government’s use of offensive cyber operations outweigh the harms.

Table of Contents Middle school reading list   UK and Russia are already at war (2019). This describes the current state of global cyber warfare and explains how it is ongoing.   White House authorizes offensive cyber operations (2019). This article explains the new Presidential Decision Directive that authorizes the use of offensive cyber operations against enemies. I don’t think it has any evidence in it, but it is useful

(Pro) A2: Sex Trafficking

Turn – Poverty drives sex trafficking Erika Wright, 2019, Poverty and Its Contribution to Human Trafficking, Poverty is a compelling factor in the human trafficking industry. Human Trafficking occurs in every single country on the globe. It is a global epidemic driven by poverty. The most common countries to which victims are exported are in Western Europe, Western Africa, Asia, Arab Nations and North America. The highest destination countries

(Con) A2: BRI Key to China Steel Exports

Turn – Ore prices (a) Lower China steel demand lowers ore prices Hoyle, 9-3, 19,, Wall Street Journal, Chinese Steel Slowdown Slams Iron-Ore Prices Iron-ore prices posted their biggest one-month fall in almost eight years as China’s huge steel engine cools and global shipments of the commodity rise. (b) Lower ore prices boost the US steel industry Hoyle, 9-3, 19,, Wall Street Journal, Chinese Steel Slowdown Slams Iron-Ore


610 Page BRI Release (Click to View Table of Contents)

Table of Contents Download our 610 Page BRI Release.  This includes 610 pages of ready to go blocks, with evidence updated through September 1st. It is include with Public Forum ($99 for the year) and Master ($239 for the year) subscriptions. Subscribers also have access to — *An app that makes monitoring daily updates and e-courses easy. *An app that makes it easy for you to read through posts, course materials, files,