TUESDAY , JUNE 25 , 2019
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Stefan Bauschard


Review of gun control arguments from Minneapple

I had the opportunity to judge and watch some debates at Minneapple this weekend and I must say that I was impressed both by the quality of argument, especially considering that for most debaters it was their first tournament on the topic. I posted my flows here, but will review some of the major arguments and offer a number of general comments. General Comments Depth. While there are fewer different

Space Colonization Update

Manor non-technical hurdles to space colonization Jessica Stillman, Inc.com, 11-3-17, 3 Big (Non-Technical Reasons Elon Musk’s Mars Colonization Might Not Fail, https://www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/3-big-non-technical-reasons-elon-musks-mars-colonization-plan-might-fail.html If you want a thought-provoking peek at possible near futures, you could read a sci-fi book. Or you could just have a read through Elon Musk’s recently released plan for establishing a colony of a million people on Mars. The entirety of Musk’s September talk on SpaceX’s plans


Background Check Updates

Access is free with free website registration 15- A good guy with a gun didn’t stop the church shooting, he massacred 26 people Richard Wolfe, 11-6-17, The Guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/06/heartbreaking-stupidity-americas-gun-laws-texas According to the local sheriff, the gunman was only confronted by an armed civilian once he emerged from the church, after the massacre was completed. The mass murderer died by killing himself. So along with the victims, let’s please bury once


Resolved: NCAA student athletes ought to be recognized as employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. (bibliography)

General Fourth myths about athletic scholarships. This article provides useful background information about the number of scholarships and how they are distributed. Court: Student athletes aren’t employees under the Fair Labor Standards Act. This article explains that no court in the last 50 years has found that students are employees under the FLSA and it cites the . . . Access to this post requires a FREE registration


What do lay judges vote on? Arguments, Speaking, Argumentation Skills

Join Bilal Butt and staff at Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes this summer!  $1995 Resident, $495 Commuter Highlights *Public Forum (PF) debates are often judged by “lay” judges — those with little to no previous experience debate experience *Lay judges generally decide debates on one of three criteria — overall truth of the resolution, overall speaking skills, overall debating skills.  There is obviously be implicit overlap between these and sometimes


Universal Background Checks and Dangerousness: Stigmitization, Racial Discrimination, and Gender Discrimination

Join Bilal Butt and staff at Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes this summer!  $1995 Resident, $495 Commuter Highlights *If universal background checks (UBCS) are going to reduce gun/firearm deaths, more individuals who are likely to use these firearms to either kill themselves or other individuals need to be integrated into the UBC database *Determining who should be included is problematic because psychiatrists can’t accurately determine who is likely to be


Improving Crossfire Skills in order to Win More Debates

Join Bilal Butt and staff at Millennial Speech & Debate Institutes this summer!  $1995 Resident, $495 Commuter Highlights *Crossfire is as important as any of the speeches *Performing well in crossfire requires preparation and practice *Since debaters both ask and answer questions in crossfire, they only have the opportunity for a limited number of questions. *There are important strategies for asking and answering questions that debaters should understand One popular


November Public Forum Evidence, Video, Bibliography, Essay Available

Our 360 page PF evidence release is available for subscribers. [Essay — free with registration; Bibliography — free with registration] A video is here – Universal background checks from Stefan Bauschard on Vimeo. We also have specific starter contentions available. Please browse to the page to see this content. Our files are in Word and formatted for Verbatim, making them easy to navigate and integrate with your other files.