TUESDAY , JUNE 25 , 2019
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Reasons Teams Can Argue the European Union is Critical

Argument List  Introduction Daily Update     Key Cards *Critical Note — The Significance of the European Union (to the entire BRI) The resolution says the European Union (EU) should join as an entity.  The EU has currently decided not to join but individual European countries can and many have. This will put a high burden on the Pro to show not just that it is good for “Europe” and/or European

The European Union and Belt and Road — Key Cards

No BRI without European participation — China needs the EU’s money to expand and complete the project Horia Curtin, 2017, A PIVOT TO EUROPE: CHINA’S BELT-AND-ROAD BALANCING ACT, http://ier.gov.ro/wp-content/uploads/publicatii/Final_Policy-Brief-5_Horia-Ciurtin-A-Pivot-to-Europe_web.pdf, Mr Horia Ciurtin is a legal adviser in the field of international investment law and international arbitration; Managing Editor of the EFILA Blog which appears under the auspices of the European Federation for Investment Law and Arbitration (Brussels). He is also

The European Union Should Join the Belt and Road Initiative (Bibliography)

Argument List  Introduction Daily Update     Key Cards Reasons EU Action is Critical *Research Support News Euractiv Euronews Websites – Europe Specific Europe Now Europe-China Relations Mercatur Institute for China Studies. Websites – General Belt & Road Silk Road Briefing Asia Society BR National Interest BR Council on Foreign Relations Belt and Road Foreign Policy BR Carnegie Endowment Belt and Road General Belt & Road Tracker (2019) Background – General

The European Union BRI Argument Outline (6-24-19)

Argument List  Introduction Daily Update     Key Cards Reasons EU Action is Critical *Arguments Pro Arguments Helps Europe Helps Europe’s economy generally (a) Joining BRI will increase Europe’s exports to China, reducing Europe’s trade deficit with China (b) Stronger trade infrastructure in Europe will increase trade within Europe (c) If Europe joins as a bloc, there will be more unity in Europe and trade within Europe.  Current agreements cause conflict


One Belt, One Road Daily Update

Argument List  Introduction Daily Update     Key Cards Reasons EU Action is Critical BRI will boost the global economy and lift millions out of poverty The Daily Nation, June 23, 19, http://watchingamerica.com/WA/2019/06/23/americas-new-strategy-to-curb-chinas-growing-influence/ At the heart of China’s growing power is the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), “one of the most ambitious development projects in human history”, it unveiled in 2013. This trillion-dollar global economic framework is increasingly becoming the main


The European Union should join China’s Belt and Road Initiative

EU Key Argument Outline .   Bibliography   Key Evidence   Daily Update Related: China Threat Bibliography,  China Daily Update *Background   There is another cool video of it on this page. Where the BRI goes Theodore Pelagidis, April 15, 2019, China’s Back Door to Europe, https://www.brookings.edu/blog/up-front/2019/04/15/chinas-backdoor-to-europe/ BRI represents, in fact, three roads with vital subroutes (Figure 1). The first is over land and revives the ancient Silk Road from China’s Sinai to Rome.