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Resolved: The United States should replace means-tested welfare programs with a universal basic income (bibliography)


Resolved: The United States should replace means-tested welfare programs with a universal basic income (bibliography)

Amisha’s Reading List Pro Basic income is better than the welfare state (2019) The progressive case for replacing the welfare state with a UBI 9 arguments against a UBI debunked (2018) Con UB may sound attractive, but it would likely increase poverty (2019) Three arguments against a UBI (2019) UBI would cost taxpayers 3.8 trillion (2019) UBI: New Study Finds it Cannot Live Up to Its Promise (2019) Definitions What


Venezuela Daily Update

Bibliography .  Venezuela Argument List Many reasons Maduro won’t be overthrown. Sanctions won’t cause him to be toppled Tom Wood, January 23, 2020,, A year on, Juan Guaidó’s attempt at regime change in Venezuela has stalled Why did predictions of Maduro’s imminent departure prove so ill-founded? The mismatch was partly the product of wishful thinking on the part of international establishment opinion. There has been a through-the-looking-glass aspect to


Venezuela Argument List

Bibliography Pro US economy (exports to Venezuela) Venezuela economy/poverty, kill 40,000 — make trade impossible — Freeze capital — Undermine the oil industry Venezuela medicine access Embargo immoral Collapse fuels the drug trade General humanitarian situation in Venezuela Refugees, disease spread Venezuela-Russia tiest bad Venezuela-China ties bad Venezuela-Iran ties bad Venezuela-Cuba ties bad Sanctions are imperialistic Sanctions undermine international law Sanctions generally fail Sanctions don’t product regime change Sanctions undermine


The United States should end its economic sanctions against Venezuela (January PF)

Amisha’s Reading List — Key Pro & Con Articles Sanctions that kill Venezuelans (2019). This article describes the various ways sanctions kill Venezuela’s economy and answers the argument that sanctions targeted at officials don’t cause humanitarian problems. The impact of the 2017 sanctions on Venezuela (2019). This study attacks the methodology for the claim that 40,000 have died from sanctions. Background History and Status Quo US Policy (Wikipedia) Timeline of

Needed Cyber Blocks

Pro A2: Defensive Deterrence Enough A2: Arms Control A2: Norms Better/Solve A2: Disarmament Better A2: Resilience Solves A2: Diplomacy Better A2: Civilians Die A2: Retaliatory attacks on the grid A2: War with Iran A2: War with Russia A2: War with China A2: Offense leads to retaliation A2: Miscalculation A2: Nuclear infrastructure put at risk A2: Cyber weapons stolen and used against the US A2: Viruses escape A2: Hurts relations with

(Con) Russia Scenario

US cyber warfare threats against Russia increase war risks Greenburg, , 2019, Andy Greenberg is a senior writer for WIRED, covering security, privacy, information freedom, and hacker culture. He’s the author of the forthcoming book Sandworm: A New Era of Cyberwar and the Hunt for the Kremlin’s Most Dangerous Hackers, out November 5. Greenberg’s reporting on Ukraine’s cyberwar has won a Gerald, June 28, Iranian Hackers Launch a New US-Targeted

(Pro) Terrorism Contention

Offensive cyber operations used against ISIS HERBERT LIN and AMY ZEGART, 2018,  Bytes, Bombs, and Spies (p. 1). Brookings Institution Press. Kindle Edition, Senior Researcher for cybersecurity policy policy and security at the Center for International Security and Cooperation and Hank J. Holland Fellow in Cyber Policy and Security at the Hoover Institution, both at Stanford University. His research interests relate broadly to the policy dimensions of cybersecurity and cyberspace,