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Medicare for All Daily Update (Free With Registration) (115+ free cards)

Medicare for All Daily Update (Free With Registration) (115+ free cards)

Hospitals that treat minorities lack resources to provide care

Kristen Schorsch, 10-13, 20,, How Money Fuels Racism In Health Care

The COVID-19 pandemic laid bare racial disparities in health care that were generations in the making. There’s a host of factors fueling inequities, but a key one is a lack of money for hospitals that mainly treat low-income people of color. WBEZ talked to leaders at these so-called safety net hospitals, to state officials, and to health policy experts and lawmakers to explain how funding contributes to racial disparities – and what they can do to address it. A critical mission – with big challenge Safety net hospitals live by this mission: Treat anyone who walks in, regardless of whether they can pay. In Chicago, these medical centers are usually on the South and West Sides, where people often lack good-paying jobs, grocery stores and affordable housing. They also don’t have enough family doctors to keep tabs on diseases like asthma and diabetes, which are far more common in these communities than in wealthier parts

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