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Medicare for All Daily Update (Free With Registration)

Medicare for All Daily Update (Free With Registration)

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54-Only 8% of transgendered people do not have health insurance

Sarah P. Carter, Ph.D., Tovah Cowan, M.A., Annie Snow, M.A., Julie Cerel, Ph.D., Raymond Tucker, Ph.D., October 26, 2019, Health Insurance and Mental Health Care Utilization Among Adults Who Identify as Transgender and Gender Diverse,

A total of 4,334 adults who self-identified as transgender or gender diverse (neither male nor female) participated in the 2017 Trans Lifeline Mental Health Survey, which included self-report measures of current insurance type and lifetime history of having seen a therapist or psychiatric provider. Logistic regression analyses assessed the association of insurance status with lifetime utilization of a mental health therapist or psychiatric provider. Results: Although only 8% of the sample were uninsured

53-Lack of health care access for Black people is a result of systemic racism

Gus Wezerek, August 11, 2020, New York Times, Racism’s Hidden Toll,

As hospital beds filled up this spring, health departments in cities like Milwaukee and Charlotte, N.C., began to report an alarming trend: A disproportionate number of their patients w

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