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Medicare for All Daily Articles

August 10

Commentary: Universal health care system will save money and lives

August 9

US health chief to visit Taiwan, a COVID-19 success story

August 8

The health care scare 

August 7

Comparison of Health Care Spending by Age in 8 High-Income Countries

Trump says he’s improving health care. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

Health care reform must fix social injustices, too

August 6

Systemic racism, chronic health inequities, and COVID ‐19: A syndemic in the making?

August 5

COVID-19 is finally pushing red states to expand Medicaid

August 3

Without federal support for health insurance, many more jobs will be lost 

Economic reforms might be the best health care reforms 

Obamacare’s unexpected bonus: How the Affordable Care Act is helping middle-aged Americans during the pandemic

August 1

Health care coverage is now more important than ever 

July 30

What made US health care so vulnerable to COVID-19

July 28

COVID-19 and the costs of health care

July 27

Universal health care is essential to liberty

To address racial injustice we must also look at health care

July 25

Three scenario s for how the pandemic could change the US health care system 

Abortion is health care 

July 24

With COVID cases rising, uninsured Texans have few options 

July 23

What Congress should do and should not do on health care 

Ten action s for better post-pandemic health care in the US 

Health care for infants and toddlers in rural areas 

July 22

Reccomendations for Trump’s Second Term Health Care Agenda 

Cyber attack to health care providers on the rise 

Health care comes to us 

July 20

What one health care CEO is learning from the pandemic 

July 19

COVID-19 Implications for the health care system 

July 17

Appeals. court backs Trump expansion of cheap health insurance plans

Health care is on the cusp of a revolution 

Health care is a human right, not an opportunity for profit 

Towards equity in American health care 

July 16

Three approaches could lower health care spending while improving late life care

July 15

Making health care work for Black America 

July 14

Understanding barriers ot minority mental health care 

Time to embrace the virtual health care transformation 

Pandemic upends Trump’s efforts to shape health care safety net 

Repealing the Affordabloe Care Act when people need it the most 

July 13

COVID-19 crisis has caused the greatest health care loss in human history

COVID-19 is making it more difficult for women and children to access health care 

Health care for immigrants benefits all of us

July 12

Racism in care leads to health disparities, doctors and other experts say as they push for change

We can reform health care 

July 11

Oh, Canada: Should the US emulate Canada’s health care system?

Fixing our broken health  care system 

July 10

The pandemic has caused a huge mindset shift in health care

Mental health care crisis is ongoing 

July 9

Racism isn’t always obvious in health care

July 8

This pandemic should motivate voters worried about health

July 7

Health care is racist and needs to change

The “new normal” needs to go beyond clinical care

Medicare for All is not for COVID-19

July 3

Summary and Review: Cuban Health Care: The Ongoing Revolution 

July 2

Racism in Mental Health Care: An Invisible Barrier