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Venezuela Argument List

Venezuela Argument List



US economy (exports to Venezuela)

Venezuela economy/poverty, kill 40,000
— make trade impossible
— Freeze capital
— Undermine the oil industry
Venezuela medicine access

Embargo immoral

Collapse fuels the drug trade

General humanitarian situation in Venezuela
Refugees, disease spread

Venezuela-Russia tiest bad
Venezuela-China ties bad
Venezuela-Iran ties bad
Venezuela-Cuba ties bad

Sanctions are imperialistic
Sanctions undermine international law

Sanctions generally fail
Sanctions don’t product regime change

Sanctions undermine Venezuelan oil production, global high oil prices bad

Sanctions undermine global US leadership

Lifting sanctions means Trump loses in 2020 (FL Key, people in FL support sanctions], Trump bad (Paris agreement)

Foreign investment good

Sanctions kill peace negotiations

Lifting sanctions floods the market with oil, low oil prices good for the economy

Lifting sanctions reduces gold mining

Sanctions mean medicines don’t get delivered

Sanctions mean no CLAP boxes

Lifting sanctions means Maduro gets assassinated, assassination good
Carribean needs VZ oil (PetroCaribe will relaunch in 2020)

Lifting sanctions means debt restructuring, debt restructuring good

Sanctions mean dollarization, dollarization bad

Sanctions strengthen Maduro, Maduro bad

Pressure on Maduro means he launches wars of aggression

Sanctions cause a coup, coup bad



Sanctions trigger regime change, Mauduro bad
Sanctions work

Sanctions are an alternative to a US military invasion

Sanctions stop Venezuelan oil from hitting the market, low global oil prices bad (Russia, China, global warming)

Sanctions important to democracy promotion
Sanctions important to human rights promotion
Sanctions sustain US global leadership

Sanctions protect Trump re-election, Trump good

US-Latin American relations good
Multilateral decision-making good
Rio Treaty good

Foreign investment bad — always popular in PF!

Sanctions not responsible for Venezuela’s economic problems

China-Venezuela ties good — China needs the oil