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Needed Cyber Blocks


A2: Defensive Deterrence Enough

A2: Arms Control

A2: Norms Better/Solve

A2: Disarmament Better

A2: Resilience Solves

A2: Diplomacy Better

A2: Civilians Die

A2: Retaliatory attacks on the grid

A2: War with Iran

A2: War with Russia

A2: War with China

A2: Offense leads to retaliation

A2: Miscalculation

A2: Nuclear infrastructure put at risk

A2: Cyber weapons stolen and used against the US

A2: Viruses escape

A2: Hurts relations with allies

A2: Miscalculation



A2: Deterrence

A2: Russia

A2: China (+ SCS and Taiwan)

A2: Iran/Hormuz


A2: North Korea

A2: US Democracy

A2: Cyberterrorism

A2: Terrorism

A2: Stops Nuclear Proliferation

A2: Attacks on US Power Grids

A2: General Economic Attacks/Defend Power Grid

A2: Protect US Democracy