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610 Page BRI Release (Click to View Table of Contents)

610 Page BRI Release (Click to View Table of Contents)

Table of Contents

Download our 610 Page BRI Release.  This includes 610 pages of ready to go blocks, with evidence updated through September 1st.

It is include with Public Forum ($99 for the year) and Master ($239 for the year) subscriptions.

Subscribers also have access to —

*An app that makes monitoring daily updates and e-courses easy.
*An app that makes it easy for you to read through posts, course materials, files, and lectures
*Essays — frequently updated
*Daily card updates
*All PF instructional content
*PF automated e-courses
*Evidence from books
*Evidence from reputable sources
*Evidence in Word format for easy use
*Easily searchable database of thousands of related files

Simply put — way more than any other similar service offers for half the price.

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