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Medicare For All Argument Outline (Sample)

Students who take our introductory course will explore Medicare for All as a topic for their debates.  A sample of some of the basic arguments the students will be exposed to is here.

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*Premature death


*Opioids (M4A solves root cause of opioid epidemic and private insurance encourages prescribing pain killers rather than surgery).


  • Moral responsibility for care
  • Equality 
  • (a) Race
  • (b) Gender


*Health care costs

  • High salaries
  • Profits
  • Administrative overhead
  • No bulk purchasing
  • M4All reduces
  • Health care costs hurt the economy


  • Health care costs reduce consumer spending
  • Reducing employer health care costs increases wages
  • M4All is a stimulus
  • Increased productivity
  • Job switching
  • M4All is an economic stimulus


Collapse private insurance industry, massive unemployment from it

Tax increases bad

Reduce profits for pharmaceutical industry


Hospital Collapse (reducing payments to hospitals collapses hospitals)

 — rural hospitals

 — urban hospitals

 — public hospitals


Doctors quit

Brain Drain
— doctors quit, have to hire more foreign doctors
— increasing demand generally means more foreign doctors hired

Not enough space

Market key to medical innovation