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Why is it Bad for the EU to Join the BRI?

Why is it Bad for the EU to Join the BRI?

US-EU relations

The toughest argument for Pro teams to beat will be that if the EU joins the BRI that it will substantially undermine US-EU relations perhaps, threatening trade and defense ties.

Why is the US opposed? All of the reasons for US opposition are outline din this post, but the US is generally opposed because it is concerned about China’s rise and it is especially concerned that China’s 5G networks present a security threat to the US.

Charles Stevens, the founder of The New Silk Road Project, March 13, 2018, New Silk Road Project founder: Developments in Azerbaijan are significant, Nexis

Q.: What would it mean for Western European countries to join the Belt and Road initiative? Do you expect more countries to join it in future?

A.: I think it would mark a great success for BRI as a strategy.

With the UK leaving the European Union the economic region has had a jolt to its confidence. Whilst the EU does not have a united policy towards BRI some countries, particularly in Eastern Europe have been more receptive. This includes Belarus which is not formally part of the EU but participates in the EU’s Eastern Partnership. It would signal a decisive shift in strategic direction and historic allegiances were We

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