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What are the advantages to Europe joining the One Belt One Road Initiative? (Reg required)

Advantages to the EU joining the BRI can be divided into three categories.

First, what are the benefits to Europe?

One, joining the BRI arguably helps Europe’s economy.

(a) Joining BRI will increase Europe’s exports to China, reducing Europe’s trade deficit with China
(b) Stronger trade infrastructure in Europe will increase trade within Europe

© If Europe negotiates as a group they can negotiate from a position of strength and make a better deal with China.
(d) If Europe doesn’t join as a group; China will continue to pick-off Individual Europe countries, and undermine European unity
(e) Europe gets access to needed capital from China to enable them to develop businesses and infrastructure.

Strengthening Europe’s economy is important to reduce poverty and increase defense spending.

Two, joining the BRI means a stronger environment in Europe.

(a) Right now China controls the BRI. If Europe joins that means Europe can push its own environmental standards

(b) Europe has advanced renewable energy technology and can use the BRI to promote its development. Although China also has advanced renewable energy technology, it is pushing a pro coal agenda.

Three, if the EU joins Europe gets faster access to China’s 5G technology. 5G technology is 40 times faster than 4G technology and enables things like the internet of things and smart cities.

On a related note, instead of arguing that 5G is good, teams can argue that Chin

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