MONDAY , JULY 22 , 2019
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BRI Inevitable

BRI inevitable, can’t stop it

Hussain, February 1, 2019, Ali Hussain works for King’s College London with a range of stakeholders to influence policy in the mental health field. He uses various mediums like policy briefs, reports and social media to interact with charities, government departments and policymakers, Taking the long route: China’s path to global leadership, Ali holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Politics and a Master’s Degree in International Relations from Queen Mary University of London

The US can act in several ways to counteract China’s growing regional influence. America can (1) create opposition to partner states (2) strengthen US economic engagement in the region and (3) encourage US allies to avoid participation. However, this may do little to deter China’s global plans, as the BRI is marketed to countries in dire need of infrastructural development – such as Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kenya, to name but a few of the 65 countries involved – as an internal development programme and a win-win for both China and participating countries.

126 countries are already part of the BRI

Sultana Yesmin, July 3, 2019, BRI leads to common prosperity and development

China-proposed BRI has already attained acceptability and popularity across the world. To date, 126 countries and 29 international organizations have signed 174 cooperation agreements with China under the initiative framework.