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Resolved: When in conflict, a nation’s self-interest should outweigh its international commitments to migrants. ‚Äč

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UN Migrants and Refugees

The Refugee Brief

Refugee-Migrants Emergency Europe

Migrant News @ AL Jazeera

July 30

Ethnic networks help local refugees integrate into the host country economies

How many refugees are there are where are they? Excellent intro article.

Refugee terms 

July 29

Refugee policy must be changed . This article argues for restricting the number of refugees the US accepts.

Somali refugees arrested on terrorism charges

July 28

Trump wants to slam door on all refugees

Treatment of refugees is a dark stain on America 

Report reveals plight of Syrian refugees in Turkey 

Canada must not be complicit in the US assault on Central American refugees 

July 27

Turkey embraces millions of refugees

Criminalizing those who help refugees will not hide the gruesome reality

July 26

Religious groups react to new the US may stop admitting refugees

Venezuelan refugee crisis is not just a regional problem 

July 25

US missing out on $1.3 billion that refugee women could be contributing to the economy 

Syrian refugees panic as threat of deportation rises

There is a huge talent pool in the world’s refugee camps¬†

July 24

150 feared dead as boat capsizes off Libya

Saying no to refugees wrong on every count 

July 23

Imperialists made crisis out of refugees

America has saved thousands of refugees. We must do so again.

Are Syrian refugees  a danger to the West? 

Welcoming refugees is the right thing to do 

July 22

Turkey has deported hundreds of Syrian migrants 

July 21

US Bishops: Elimination of US refugee program against the principles we stand for 

July 19

Are Syrian refugees a danger to the West? 

UNHCR deeply concerned about US refugee restrictions 

July 18

Trump’s Refugee approach isn’t new. Europe and Australia went first¬†

What’s the future of Syrian refugees in Turkey?

July 17

Refugee Ripple Effect; The Send ‘Em Back Strategy is Spreading¬†

The Bible says to welcome refugees

The Fiscal Costs of the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program at the Federal, State, and Local Levels, from 2005-2014 (2017). This 2017 report, which was suppressed by the Trump administration, shows the  net impact of refugees was fiscally positive.

July 16

The Fundamental Right to Seek Asylum (Ted Talk)

German Sea Watch Captain: Europe has a responsibility to take in refugees

July 15

How American policy has separated refugee families 

July 14

Climate of fear deters Syrian refugees from returning home

July 13

Refugees creating financial value across the world

Europe’s refugee policies are inadequate¬†

July 12

More than 1 million refugees will need resettled in 2020 

July 11

Cruelty won’t stop the border crisis

Europe shut these refugees out. Then Libyan rebels bombed them.

Climate refugees are happening right now 

July 10

What’s the difference between immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers?¬†

Trump should set the refugee cap at zero for 2020 

July 9

World teaming with refugees

July 8

Refugees, then and now

July 7

We were better when we were welcoming refugees 

The fate of refugees trapped in Syria 

July 6

Kindness saved us from the Nazis and now we must help the Syrian refugees

July 5

Profiling disease in Turkey after the refugee crisis

July 4

Most Syrian refugees want to stay in Germany 

Starved, Tortured, Bombed. The fate of refugees left in Libya 

The EU is complicit in migrants horrific fate in Libya 

World becoming more elitist, cruel toward refugees 

July 3

Judge orders release of captain of ship that rescued migrants

Want to immediately stop cruel treatment? Here’s what you can ask Congress to do

July 2

To stem the flow of refugees, address the conflict at its core

UN urges resettlement of 1.5 million refugees

Violence Against women within migrant refugees

Unimaginable horrors at Libya’s migrant detention centers

July 1

I fled Naszi Germany. I hope the US doesn’t turn its back on refugees

World has lost will to deal with the worst refugee crisis since World War II 

June 26

Why record numbers of African migrants are showing up at the US border

June 25

Photo of drowned refugee child shocked the world in 2015

June 19

Nearly 71 million displaced by war and violence

Refugee numbers hit record high

June 18

Europe breaking international law with its treatment of migrants and refugees

June 9

Meditteranean will be sea of blood without refugee boats

June 7

Venezuelan refugees and migrants up 4 million