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2019-2020 Public Forum Resolutions

2019-2020 Public Forum Topics

The selection process will be slightly different this year. This year, we are releasing ten Topic Areas, each with two Starter Resolutions. Please note that the Starter Resolutions are tentative proposals, which may be revised and/or replaced based on community responses, expert feedback, breaking news, and/or literature on the subject. The final two resolution options will be released for a vote one week prior to topic release on the NSDA website. Please remember, topic areas are subject to change but will be released and final on Friday June 21st.

After reviewing the Topic Areas and Starter Resolutions, submit feedback here.


  1. On balance, the economic development benefits of the African Continental Free Trade Agreement outweigh the harms.
  2. The African Union should officially recognize Somaliland’s independence.

Alternative Energy

  1. The United States should substantially increase its production of nuclear power plants.
  2. The United States should prioritize nuclear energy over renewable energy to combat climate change.


  1. The European Union should endorse China’s Belt and Road Initiative.
  2. The benefits of Xi Jinping’s power consolidation outweigh the harms to China.


  1. The United States federal government should ban its offensive cyber operations.
  2. Deploying artificial intelligence in US cybersecurity efforts produces more benefits than harms.


  1. The United States should replace means-tested welfare programs with a universal basic income.
  2. Job creation tax credits are an effective tool to decrease poverty in the United States.


  1. The United States Department of Education should be abolished.
  2. On balance, charter schools are beneficial to the quality of education in the United States. 

Employment Rights

  1. The United States should strengthen labor unions.
  2. “Right to Work” laws are harmful to the interests of employees.

Federal Judiciary

  1. The United States Supreme Court should rule that qualified immunity for law enforcement officers violates the Fourth Amendment.
  2. The United States Supreme Court should rule that plea bargaining violates the Sixth Amendment.

Latin America

  1. Western countries’ recognition of Juan Guaidó was in the best interest of the Venezuelan people.
  2. The rise of Russian influence in Latin America is a threat to regional stability.

Middle East

  1. The United States should withdraw from the Afghanistan Peace Process.
  2. The United States should increase its military presence in the Persian Gulf Region to deter Iranian aggression.