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Constructive Speech Review Answers for Teachers

Answers to Review Questions for Teachers

Do all terms in the resolution need to be defined in the constructive speech?

No. The only terms that a debater should define in a speech are words that potentially have more than one meaning and are words that a debater hopes to use a specific definition of to help him or her win the debate.

What is framework? What is an example of framework?

Framework is an overall value that one side will use to win the debate. For example, a debater may defend utilitarianism – -the greatest good for the greatest number.   They may then say that the team that saves the most lives wins.

How would you describe what a contention is to someone else?

A contention is a major set of arguments that have a common them.

What type of statements introduce quotations?

Tags. Also called taglines.

Is the constructive speech written out in advance and read in a debate?


How long is the constructive speech?

4 minutes, approximat

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