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Succeeding at Tournaments


In addition to learning how to debate and speak well, it is very important to learn about how to succeed in a tournament environment.

To do well at a tournament, you need to put yourself in the best position possible both before and at the tournament. A lot of the previous material in this book has dealt with how to do well before the tournament. This essay will cover how to do well at the tournament.

At the tournament you want to put yourself in your best position competitively before and throughout the tournament. You want the tournament to be an enjoyable experience and you want to use it to build social ties.

Both of these will be enhanced by making (and keeping) friends.

Succeeding at the Tournament

In order to succeed at the tournament, you need to do a number of things.

First, you need to keep the tournament in perspective. Win or lose, the tournament will not define your life, you need to always maintain that perspec

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