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Speaking First


You may either lose the coin toss and be forced to pick a side. In this case, you will have to speak first. In this case, there are a number of important considerations.

Considerations for Speaking First

Pay special attention to what contention the other team will go for and over answer that contention. You need to put a lot of answers on the contention that you think the second speaking team will go for in order to prevent them from trying to answer all of them in their second rebuttal and covering both of your contentions.

Preempt as many con rebuttal arguments as possible (imbed the Frontlines into your case).  You will only have limited time in Summary to answer their Rebuttal arguments, so try to anticipate them in advance and respond to them. 

Be sure to ditch a contention the first Summary.  There is no way you have enough time in Summary to answer all of the arguments against both contentions made in Rebuttal by the other team in your Summary.

Use offensive arguments against both Constructive speeches to prevent the second rebuttalist from going for one contention and extending

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