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In Public Forum, debaters call “frontlining” the process of responding to arguments made in Rebuttal.In the early days of PF debate there wasn’t a high expectation that debaters would respond to each of the frontline arguments, but that expectation has grown over the years and it is why many US tournaments are adding a minute to each of the Summary speeches — so that debaters, particularly first speakers, can actually cover the Summary arguments the way judges expect.

And expectations of frontlining will grow in tournaments where there is a minute added to the Summary.

Frontlining Tips

If you speak second, frontline in Rebuttal.  Most strong second speaking teams will devote 1:30-2 minutes of their Rebuttal time frontlining the first rebuttalist’s responses. 

Only extend one contention and frontline. Unless a team severely undercovers one of the contentions and you can do it quickly, never extend both of your contentions (assuming you read two) in the debate.

Frontline any turns on any cont

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