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Law of the Sea Stops Piracy Answers

Law of the Sea Stops Piracy Answers

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UNCLOS is not effective at preventing piracy

Muhammaad Tahir Hanif, MA, 2010, Sea Piracy and the Law of the Sea,

Flaws of UNCLOS 1982. Whenever we have a look upon the implementation and results of the UNCLOS 1982 we come to know that that it has lots of weak points in it regarding piracy. There is some confusion in this act which must be clear from the UN to get its better results. These flaws in the convention always 22 make some kind of problems to solve any case regarding piracy. The main unclear parts of this convention are as follows. • “Illegal Act” When we read article 101 we come to know that it is essential part of some ones act of piracy that the act of that person must be illegal. The article has no more details about the definition of illegal; we cannot understand that what kinds of act are illegal for all the states jointly. It might be possible that a lot of criminal acts remain unpunished because of the lack of knowledge and universality. We all know that

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